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ArthroTherapy.Caps - Collagen Extract for Joint and Muscle Therapy


Stiff joints, aching bones and muscles, loss of flexibility and mobility – all part of the normal aging process.  Unfortunately,  this negatively affects our quality of life and stop us from doing the physical activities that we enjoy. 

Arthro-Therapy Capsules contain essential nutrients that fuel your joints, help with lubrication and activate collagen production.  Wear and tear of your cartilage happens naturally with time thus resulting in pain, tightness and a loss of mobility.  Arthro Therapy capsules contain OptiMSM and Glucosamine which, when combined, have been show to effectively and significantly improve symptoms of joint and muscle pain, stiffness and inflexibility as well as improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Each bottle ArthroTherapy.Caps contains 60 liquid capsules

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