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Evapofat-Rx - Melt Away Excess Weight

Evapofat-Rx contains highly concentrated Polyphenol extracts that can actually attack fat deposits in the body, helping you melt away excess weight. The product is so easy to use, simply add one scoop to any favorite drink and the job is done! Evapofat comes in a small and discrete jar, so you can take it along with you anywhere, even to your favorite restaurant! 

As an added bonus, the polyphenol blend in Evapofat-RX contains powerful antioxidants shown to increase collagen production, therefore, reducing wrinkles. These polyphenols also will help you gain energy and make you feel renewed and revitalized. You can feel like a brand new person in days with Evapofat!

Each jar of Evapofat contains powder for 15 days of use.

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