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Phytaforce capsules contain phenols, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals which actively stimulate the immune system and help protect your body’s organs.

The key to having a healthy and happy body is by feeding it the minerals and nutrients it needs to thrive.  Unfortunately, most Americans are missing a large percentage of these essential actives in their daily routine.

Astanxanthin, one of the main ingredients in Phytaforce, has been proven to improve brain health, eye health, joint mobility, as well as to provide cardiovascular support.  CoQ10, contained in Phytaforce, is recommended by most health practitioners for heart health.  Ginger root, another main ingredient of Phytaforce reduces inflammation and symptoms of osteoarthritis.  The combined effects of these main ingredients in Phytaforce capsules are nothing short of rejuvenating.

Each bottle of PhytaForce.Caps contains 60 liquid capsules

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